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Dear Customer,

        Thank you for your interest in our equipment. Giddings Machine Company has been leading the industry manufacturing the highest quality soil sampling, coring & drilling equipment available, for over 75 years. Giddings Machine Company is the company that started it all and to which all other equipment is compared. Since the beginning we have equipped the industry with the best tooling and components to get the desired results quickly and efficiently. We manufacture the largest variety of soil sampling, coring, and drilling equipment available. Whether it be hand operated or hydraulically powered machines mounted on ATV, UV, Tractor Three Point, Truck, or Trailer. We are constantly improving our product and introducing new ideas in equipment to keep you on the leading edge of the industry by today’s standards. Everything we sell is manufactured right here in our facility so if you need something a little different or special we can take care of it. All prices are FOB, Windsor, Colorado. In this way each customer pays their own freight leaving the equipment prices the same world wide. Our manufacturing and sales outlet are both located in Windsor, Colorado - USA. We sell direct to the user only, there are no middlemen. In this way we can hold down the cost, eliminating unnecessary markups in pricing and uninformed or incorrect sales peoples information to you our customers. Should you have any questions or need more information please call or write and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.


                                                                                                                                                          Doug Mohrlang / President

About Us: Product


Giddings Machine Company started in business back in 1889 in Livermore, CO as a blacksmith shop. From there the company got into inventing, designing and manufacturing hay and corn grinding equipment in the early 1900’s. That equipment was considered to be way ahead of its time when compared to anything else being built at that time. The company also incorporated a foundry into its production capabilities and started manufacturing head gates and components for the booming irrigation industry. In the late 1930’s the company started working with the USDA to develop soil sampling equipment. Several different prototypes had been developed and put into service up to the beginning of World War II. When the war started the company, being very successful in all aspects of manufacturing, went to work for the war effort. During the war time Giddings continued to develop soil sampling tooling and equipment. By the end of the war Giddings had sold all of its previous equipment patents to various other manufacturers and started manufacturing soil exploration equipment exclusively up to the present time. Giddings brings you the best in soil sampling, coring and drilling equipment available. Our 75 years of experience makes us one the oldest and most reliable company in the industry. We have machines that were built in the 1960s that are still out in the field working hard for our customers every day. We have sold soil sampling, coring and drilling equipment in all fifty states and 49 countries all over the world during the past 75 years.

That’s the kind of craftsmanship, design and reliability you can count on with a Giddings machine.

We are dedicated to serving our customers with quality workmanship, mechanical innovation & prompt, friendly service:

  • We can usually customize any machine or tool to your specifications.

  • We offer innovative improvements to reduce maintenance costs.

  • We respond to the changing demands of the agricultural, environmental and construction industries with new models of machines and tooling to complete any task you may undertake.

Our decades of experience gives you the edge in completing your sampling or drilling job quickly, efficiently and easily. Nobody has been in the business longer and nobody can deliver craftsmanship and quick service like we can. We can guarantee this because everything we sell, we build right here in our Colorado factory. All components are in-stock, and all of our work is done in-house to save you valuable time and money.

About Us: Product
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